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Custom Home Design - Renovations & Additions
Building Permit Drawings & Variance Applications
Feasibility Study & Renovation Reports
Commercial Interior Tenant Improvement Design & Drafting

Design Report & Feasibility Study
Information : e-mail me a brief description of your planned project such as scope of work or your idea,                                        sketches and pictures or anything else that will help me to understand your project.

Fees are based on the estimated work time that includes:

feasibility study 
- site visits, measurements 
- communication with the client
- liaison with the municipality
- coordination with the consultants
permit drawings ( design & drafting ) 

Permit Drawings : new homes, garages, decks or renovation / addition projects require:

- building code & zoning analysis
- site plan, floor plans, elevations, sections and construction details
- thermal resistance calculations ( new homes and additions )

Interior renovation projects require: site plan, floor plans, zoning & building code analysis and details, particularly if the load bearing walls will be altered.